The Port (formerly known as The Real Simwives of Bridgeport) Edit

The Real Simwives of Bridgeport now known as The Port were the 1st and 2nd Season of a Sims 3 Machinima Online Reality TV Series created by Siminemz. The series started airing its Season 1 in 2013 and they called it The Real Simwives of Bridgeport. Since it's fourth episode, no episodes came out. In Early 2014, an update video came out with a concept of the Season 2 Intro, but later, the show revealed a revamp and a name change which is now The Port.

The Cast Edit

The Season 1 full-time cast included: Lola Ellins, Mara Alessi, Bridget Lacroy, Sydney Rivers, Desiree Martin and Avery Jonah. Juliana Machado also had a recurring role during episodes 3 and 4. In Season 2, the full-time cast would be kept and Machado would be added to it. But after the revamp, Jonah was put down and Antonella Gianno would be added to The Port. Nicole Parks would be a recurring character.

The official RSOB/TP Season 1 Cast lineup. From L to R: Lola Ellins, Sydney Rivers, Bridget Lacroy, Mara Alessi, Avery Jonah and Desiree Martin.


The Port Logo.